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Encuesta 001 / Poll 001 - Cuy vs. Alpaca
comer - Pollo A La Brasa
ara_peru wrote in what2do_peru

 photo cuy-chactado_zps4337d599.jpg


Por muy tiernos que se vean, hay que admitirlo: son deliciosos! Con su salsita de ají, de ajo, o de pimiento, eso lo dejo al gusto de cada uno.


Let's admit it, they're cute, they're furry, and above all... they're yummy! (and deliciously crunchy, too.)


 photo aychabolsa_zps77a25d28.jpg


La única vez que la probé, me dijeron después lo que había comido. Debo decir que no noté la diferencia, aunque en ese viaje estuve tan cansada que no me extraña. Espero volver a probarla, para ver cuál es la diferencia con la hamburguesa tradicional - aparte del contenido alimenticio, claro!


Well, trust me not to recognize it the one time I tried it. lol. I was so exhausted on that trip, though, that I'm not surprised at all! Still, I wish for a second chance, just to see if there's any difference with the 'cow' burger - aside from nutritional value, of course!

Poll #1910116 ¡Qué rico! / Yummy!

¿Cuál preferirías comer hoy? / Which one would you have for dinner today?

Cuy Chactado / Guinea Pig
Hamburguesa de Alpaca / Alpaca Burger
¡Los dos! / Both!
...Ninguno. / ...Neither.

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I'm always interested in trying food. As long as it doesn't have more than four legs. I just don't really want to eat bugs, but I guess I'd try, once.

The only bugs I'm aware of, are fried ants. I admit that I'm curious enough to try one at least - people who've tried them say they're quite good! :)

Not too sure I could do the same with anything worm-like. (Warning: don't watch if you're squeamish.)

Okay, I'd probably try both of those. :D

You're braver than I am. :)

I hear grubs are pretty tasty, depending on what they've eaten.

Well, the ones on the video usually grow on aguaje trees. The ice cream made from that fruit is among my top three desserts!

Oooooo. That looks quite yummy. :D

The fruit itself is difficult to get to, since it's covered in tiny, hard, sharp scales. And then when you get to the tasty part? It's like two millimeters thick - maybe.

But it's gooooooood!

(and of course, by the time the ice cream is done, someone else has taken care of the scales. lol)

Of course it's difficult to get to, yummy things usually are. :D

I'd eat these. i'd probably try anything

The burger does look good, huh. :D

I wonder if I should have chosen the pic of the fried guinea pig with its head still attached...?

Also - *icon love*

I was thinking more of the guinea pig but sure (my brother would be horrified. He loved his pet guinea pig).

thanks. it's the second to last week of class. it's appropriate.

One time, a USA friend of mine came over for a week, and while he was Skyping with his wife, she told him that she wanted to make a Peruvian meal to celebrate his return. So he turns to me and asks, "what's an easy meal my wife can make?"

I started with, "Well, first she's got to head to the pet store..."

Btw, in the end we gave her a papa a la huancaína recipe.

I started with, "Well, first she's got to head to the pet store..."

Evil. I love it. :D


aw too bad that's potatoes

Well. At home, we use the same sauce but on green beans and spaghetti. Granny used to make the sauce for a 'salad' that had soup noodles, shredded chicken, boiled carrots and... something else. Cannot remember right now.

MUCH better than mayo!

that sauce sounds so unhealthy but delicious. I'd have to make substitutions though I can get queso fresco in the Mexican section some times

unhealthy? *goes check online recipe*

Huh. That's a lot more ingredients than what I'm used to. I just chop up the peppers, throw them into the blender with a bit of water, then add the cheese, the cracker (or bread), and a bit of salt. Personally, I do not like garlic in it - must be the only thing where I don't like garlic, lol.

hahaha I love garlic but raw garlic is strong. I do love chimichurri and make my own (I know that's probably more Argentinian. I'm not sure if Peru embraces it)

I have only eaten cuy chactado. Delicious but not filling enough xD Too little meat in their little bodies :P

True, true. Even those that have been raised in family farms only have meat perhaps half an inch thick. But... still, good!

May I ask where you tried it?

My aunt made it the first time I tasted it xD

Lucky you. I wish I had a family member who made this at their home! My family is more dessert-oriented - we have quite the sweet tooth, and any excuse will do to start mixing and baking. ;)

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